Puppiess are born!

Date of birth: 2.4.2018




Mother : Elyssa vom Wipfragrund   *09.05.2015




Father:  Fortheringhay´s Alsandair    *18.04.2014


Our puppies will be raised in our house during the first four weeks. After that they will move into their puppy house in the garden so they get used to their surroundings. The floor they can use to relieve themselves has a big influence on further development. Also their need for activity grows. They will have different toys available and will of course receive intensive care as family members.

At the age of at least 10 to 12 weeks they can move to their new families and leave their puppy home to go on new adventures...


Of course they will be dewormed and vaccinated regularly and they will be chipped. You will also receive the European Union pet-passport.

The heritage documents will be sent to you by the ACI e.V.