charakter traits

The Irish Wolfhound is a committed and reliable Partner in your family. Achieving this partnership
however can be very demanding and take a long time.
Even if they grow rapidly, they really only start to grow up at about two years of age.
But these gentle giants quickly make friends among humans.
The Irish Wolfhound is the biggest breed of the Greyhound family – originally brought along for
wolf hunting.
So they do like hunting.
However, like for any typical sighthound, it is not too difficult to stay on top of things when they
see something of interest. In the worst case they will return to their human as soon as they lose sight
of whatever – nowadays very small - “prey” they spotted.
Since the Irish Wolfhound is not exactly known for repeating exercises more often than really
necessary they have the reputation of having a lack of concentration:
With me! - Well, I will stay somewhere in your vicinity!
Sit! - Alright, let’s lie down right… there!
Fetch the ball! - I don’t really care for the ball, I’ll just run around for a bit!
Swim! - Nope!
But some of them do seem to enjoy reorganising your garden.
Of course there are exceptions though. There are very good swimmers among the Irish Wolfhounds
or a companion dog examination is easily passed.
Find out what makes your dog special and support these character traits.
Things the little wolves enjoy:
Running around – even better with other dogs
Going for walks, especially if everybody joins in
Being with you all the time
Cuddling of course!

This leads us to education:

Let us start this paragraph with a heads-up: Everyone trying to raise their dog by the standards of
dog sports clubs, “discipline all the way!”, will either have to substantially deviate from their usual
route or shall think about getting another breed of dog altogether.
The Irish Wolfhound requires respect, tender love and care and above all: PATIENCE!
They do not understand punishment and disciplinary measures.
If you gently guide them you will soon recognize that you found a partner with its own mind
(sometimes you can call it stubborn), who can still be very obedient and affectionate.
So if you decide that, despite the warnings, this is what you want, feel free to browse our homepage
and enjoy pictures and get an impression of our dogs.

Have fun :-)