About us

How it all started

On the homepages of most dog breeders you can read about the everlasting desire of having such a big, majestic dog which at some point finally came true.
Well, it was quite a similar experience for us…
Very early in our lives my husband and I had a passion for all kinds of animals and we wanted that passion to inspire our choice of profession.
The desire of having an Irish Wolfhound as a friend and companion came up very early too.

In 2015 it came true when our dog “Elyssa vom Wipfragrund” joined us on our journey.
Since we – like many other Irish Wolfhound owners – are engulfed by their character we want to expand our pack and are therefore planning the first litter in April 2018.

Where and how we live

We, Manuela and Bernhard Gühne and our daughter, call Landsberg, Bavaria – west of Munich – our home. We have a big house and a big garden at the town’s border area where we live and work.
We have gerbils, two wonderful cats and of course our dogs;
Our Bernese Mountain Dog “Sunny Heart Toy” and our

Irish Wolfhound “Elyssa vom Wipfragrund”.

We are all sharing the house and are one big family.


We strictly refuse keeping dogs in a kennel!


We are members of the CAR e. V. - parent organization ACI e. V. - and registered as a breeding station